About Andfjord Salmon.

Andfjord Salmon™ is granted a concession to farm 10,000 MT of salmon from the Norwegian government. The facility is designed to be void of salmon lice and poisonous algae, robust barriers to prevent escapements and releases effluent at Norwegian standards to minimize exposure of marine life to pollutants or other harmful substances.

The patent:

Andfjord Salmon AS’ farming facility is located on Andøya, the northernmost island in the Arctic Archipelago of Lofoten, Vesterålen. Andfjord was established in 2014 by the founder Roy Bernt Pettersen. The company is built on a foundation of innovation and sustainable salmon farming. Andfjord Salmon's facility is patented, consumes a minimal amount of energy with relatively low operating costs and its facility is sustainable with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

The pools are below sea level and is supplied with crystal clear water from 160 meters depth.


Andfjord Salmon™ focuses on sustainable production throughout its entire farming cycle. The company strives to establish the lowest environmental footprint possible. In the future, both photovoltaic and wind turbines are planned to reduce energy costs.


Andfjord Salmon’s design is based on a seawater flow-through system. This design combines the best from both traditional ocean net-pens and land-based salmon farming.

Highest water quality:

Andfjord Salmon's greatest advantage is an infinite supply of nutritious and oxygen-rich seawater, with optimal and stable temperatures in the Arctic. Seawater is pumped from 160 and 30 meters respectively in the winter and summer.

Salmon lice and poisonous algae safe:

The design alleviates problems associated with salmon lice and poisonous algae. Lice and algae are typically situated in the seawater column above Andfjord Salmon’s water intakes. In addition, the state-of-the-art filtering systems capture and remove unwanted particles and biological substances.

The natural ocean pools have low fish density and perfect conditions for the salmon.

70,000 tonnes MAB:
Andfjord Salmon™ holds a license for 10,000 tonnes MAB (maximum allowed biomass) for land-based farming of Atlantic salmon and has secured rights to land for a potential expansion of an additional 60,000 tonnes MAB capacity (together with Kvalnes 1 a total of 70,000 tonnes MAB), equivalent to a total production volume capacity of approximately 90,000 tonnes (HOG).

All bio recidues are recycled as growth products, thanks to our multi cleaning system.

Waste Recovery:

All bio-residues from the farm will be received by the neighboring company Andøytorv AS. This company produces peat moss as a gardening supplement. The bio-residues from Andfjord Salmon™ will enhance Andøytorv’s peat products by increasing the natural nitrate, phosphate and other nutrient salts.

Illustration: Andfjord Salmon AS.


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