Andfjord Salmon has received international recognition for its innovative shorebased farming concept. Its unique design ensures access to clean nutrient-rich Arctic seawater of optimum farming temperatures year around. The low fish density in the large grow-out tanks provides the best fish welfare and optimum growth.

Andfjord Salmon is granted a concession to farm 10,000 MT of salmon from the Norwegian government. The facility is designed to be void of salmon lice and poisonous algae, robust barriers to prevent escapements and releases effluent at Norwegian standards to minimize exposure of marine life to pollutants or other harmful substances.

Andfjord has the potential to expand to two additional sites on the east shores of Andøya. Adding these two sites will increase Andfjord’s annual production to 60,000 MT.

Sustainable and social responsibilities / ESG

Andfjord Salmon's vision is to develop the aquaculture industry. We are well aware that we manage fragile resources in the arctic. With that responsibility in mind, we will strive towards  integrating ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) in all our decision-making processes. For Andfjord Salmon, our sustainable efforts and small footprint are strategic and commercial goals. We will report our achievements with ESG regularly.

Andfjord Salmon is as of August 2019 listed on the NOTC-list on Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE).

Andfjord Salmon AS
Isin: NO00108299765
Number of stocks: 29,874,400.
Oslo Stock Exchange: NOTC /ANDF

20 largest shareholders, August 2019:
Andfjord Holding AS (24,89 %)
Blue Marine Invest AS (16,14 %)
KG Investment Komp AS (7,19 %)
Karsten Gjersvik (5,38 %)
UFI AS (4,45 %)
EMT Invest AS (3,49 %)
OG Invest AS (3,39 %)
Citibank (2,78 %)
Middelborg Invest AS (2,59 %)
Euro TV AS (2,51 %)
Okeanos Blue AS (2,33 %)
Skagerak Vekst AS (2,12 %)
Bliksmark AS (2,00 %)
Sirius AS (1,67 %)
Omniverse AS (1,34 %)
Hermia AS (1,29 %)
Nyrud Finans AS (1,11 %)


Roy Bernt Pettersen
Founder and chairman / +47 472 79 764

Helge Krøgenes
Director of finance and business development / +47 930 96 109

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