Andfjord Salmon presents its first sustainability report

Andfjord Salmon’s ambition is to build the most fish-friendly and sustainable salmon farming facility of its kind. Such an ambition creates expectations to us as a company, and it is a responsibility we embrace.

23 April 2021 – Andfjord Salmon AS has today published its ESG report for 2020.

In recent years, sustainability or ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) has received increased attention from different stakeholder groups, and new laws and regulations on sustainability, such as the EU taxonomy, has been established to create more transparency.

“Although we haven’t started our production yet, Andfjord Salmon has set an ambition to build the most fish-friendly and sustainable farming facility of its kind. This ambition creates huge expectations to us as a company by our customers, suppliers, employees and owners,” says Martin Rasmussen, CEO of Andfjord Salmon.

A dedicated team at Andfjord Salmon has worked tirelessly to compile the company’s first ever sustainability report, which is published today.

“Reporting on how we realise our ambitions, including managing the main social, societal and environmental challenges that Andfjord Salmon face, is part of our commitment to both our shareholders and surroundings. That is why we have developed this sustainability report,” adds Rasmussen.

Read or download the annual report

For 2020, Andfjord Salmon reports on material environmental topics including fish health and welfare, effluents and energy use, as well as social and governance topics such as health and safety, supply chain transparency and local value creation. The plan is to develop this report year by year.

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