Andfjord Salmon has placed order for innovative pump system from Framo

Andfjord Salmon and Framo have together developed a customised pump system for Andfjord's innovative flow-through facility for land-based salmon farming.

Framo Innovation's contract with the salmon farming company Andfjord Salmon, based on the island of Andøy in Vesterålen, covers the delivery and installation of two flow-through pumps, four mud pumps and one drainage pump. The land-based pilot facility is scheduled for commissioning in May 2020.

“We chose Framo as our partner on the basis of their excellent reputation on the market as a reliable supplier with years of experience from demanding pump markets. Our collaboration with Framo has helped us develop the Andfjord basin into an even better farming facility,” explains Director of Andfjord Salmon, Helge Krøgenes. 

Andfjord's patented flow-through system for salmon farming combines the best of both worlds from marine and land-based farming, with stable temperatures and the correct water current. The new marine farming concept has low energy consumption, low operating costs and is favourable for both the environment and fish health. 

“A happy salmon is a salmon that grows. Nutritious sea waters are an important factor for providing the salmon with the best conditions possible for growth, and the Framo pumps will secure optimal conditions for the salmon in the farming facility,” says Helge Krøgenes.

Andfjord Salmon's facility is constructed into the natural rock, below the water's surface, and is a self-contained facility. The Framo pumps will help ensure good conditions for the fish inside the facility.

“We have had a very successful collaboration on development with Andfjord! Andfjord and Framo's experts have used flow analyses and different pump positions to identify the optimal flow conditions, which in turn ensure optimal fish health,” explains Sales Director Terje Ljones in Framo Innovation.  

Developing pumps together with fish farmers

Over the past 80 years, the main market for Framo's pump technology has been ships and offshore platforms. Framo Innovation was established in January 2018 to identify new markets for the company’s submerged pump technology. Only 18 months after start-up, the innovation department had the first pumps ready for the fish farming industry.

”We’ve been able to launch a new product so quickly due to the strength of our existing product development and more than 50 years of experience of developing pumps. At Framo Innovation, we have highly experienced engineers with specialised competencies when it comes to pump technology working alongside new and intelligent minds from other disciplines,” explains Terje Ljones.

Framo has enjoyed having the aquaculture industry as sparring partner during product development. 

“We have spent a lot of time in discussions with fish farmers, so we are sure we fully understand the challenges they face, and we are now therefore able to present two different pumps for the industry. This is flexible technology with a wide range of capacity, and we have developed customised and powerful pump systems that can be used for a number of different purposes,” says Terje Ljones.

Extreme requirements on uptime 

The two pumps – water flow generator SR 2000 and SEA315 developed by Framo Innovation and to be delivered to Andfjord Salmon – can be used, for example, for water circulation and mud treatment.

For the aquaculture industry, it is critical for the pumps to maintain a high level of quality. If unforeseen incidents were to occur, Framo has an extensive service apparatus with highly qualified technicians, spare parts and efficient inventory control.

“We need to be able to carry out repairs and maintenance work rapidly, and we have therefore designed the new pumps so they can be controlled digitally, with remote surveillance and status-based maintenance. We have plenty of positive experience of this from the offshore industry, and we can benefit from this as we launch our new pumps for the aquaculture industry,” confirms Terje Ljones.


Director of Andfjord Salmon, Helge Krøgenes 
Mobile no: +47 930 96 109

Sales Director Terje Ljones at Framo Innovation 
Mobile no: +47 928 46 167

Andfjord Salmon is a Norwegian company established in 2014. The company is listed at Oslo Stock Exchange (ANDF), and located at Kvalnes on the northernmost island of Andøya in Vesteraalen, Norway.