Premium Atlantic salmon

The texture, colour and overall condition and taste of our salmon is excellent. We give the salmon our own feed: Calanus Plus by Andfjord Salmon, made from natural plankton from the sea, amongst other healthy Ingredients.

The star chef who moved back home to become a farmer

One of Norway's best chefs, Halvar Ellingsen, left the capital and moved back home to the north to run a farm. His farmhouse has a kitchen that is unlike anything you have seen before.

World champion chef Øyvind Bøe Dalelv: Vesterålen created my identity as a chef

Øyvind Bøe Dalelv grew up with salmon in Vesterålen. It created the basis for two world titles in culinary arts since there was, naturally, fish on the menu when he beat the Spaniards at their own national dish: Tapas.


Solid growth and continued industry-leading survival rate | First quarter 2023 financial results

The biological conditions in Andfjord Salmon’s first pool at Kvalnes are still excellent, which means high growth, industry-leading survival rate, and an attractive feed conversion ratio.

Martin Rasmussen: Realising sustainable farming

"2022 marked the start of fish farming operations for Andfjord Salmon. This meant that we could finally start to properly document and prove why we have set an ambition of developing the most fish friendly and sustainable salmon farming facility of its kind," says CEO Martin Rasmussen.


Peruvian ceviche of Andfjord Salmon

"I tasted this dish for the first time on an expedition in the Amazon. We had it served in a charming wooden hut with local white fish from the river. Lovely," says chef Finn-Erik Rognan, who uses Andfjord salmon in the dish.


Natural flow

Our goal was to build the world's most environmentally friendly and fish-friendly facility. And we've done that. Here, the salmon are completely secure and safe. The clean salt water flows in from the sea, with almost no use of additional power. And biomass is collected and reused. We call our technology natural flow.

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Andfjord Salmon is a Norwegian company established in 2014. The company is listed at Oslo Stock Exchange (ANDF), and located at Kvalnes on the northernmost island of Andøya in Vesteraalen, Norway.