Construction of Andfjord Salmon is according to plan

The construction of the pool and Andfjord Salmon AS’ facility in Kvalnes is going fast forward and according to plan.

March 24, 2020

Progress Plan: Status ‍

The project management reports that the pool pit, where the pool is going to be located, is 90% complete. The remaining work consists of taking out some mass. The entire progress plan is, as of March 24, 60% complete, considering the release of smolt in the pool late summer this year. This is according to our plans. So are costs and budgets. Andfjord Salmon is very pleased with the work done by the project management and the cooperation between all the different suppliers.‍

‍Transportation of the pool:

The HighComp pool panels have been completed and loaded on the port in Southern Norway. They will be transported by ship to Risøyhamn shortly. Then they will be transported by special transport to Kvalnes on Andøya just after Easter. The transport will take place at night as the cargo will occupy the road. Then the work of putting together the pool starts.


All key contracts for the completion of the first pool have been signed, most recently a total solution from ABB, which will be responsible for automation, instrumentation, telecommunications and power distribution. Andfjord Salmon is pleased to have secured deliveries from the leading companies in the industry. 90% of the contracts with suppliers are entered into at fixed prices and the majority are in Norwegian kroner. 

The pool panels are soon to be shipped to Vesterålen. Photo: HighComp.

New CEO/Technical Lead:
Martin Rasmussen (34) takes over as CEO on April 1. Roy Bernt Pettersen prioritizes from that point the board, including running the necessary regulations for phase 2 in the future. Kenneth Jørgensen (38) is recruited as Technical Lead. Jørgensen has many years of experience as a technician and chief engineer in large shipping companies and other companies in Norway.

Available Positions:
Four operating operators will now be hired. The response to the announcement has been very good. There are 90 applicants for the positions. Andfjord Salmon appears to be an attractive workplace.

Large parts of Norwegian businesses are affected by the effects of the coronavirus. The construction of Andfjord Salmon's first facility has so far not been affected in a way that has led to significant delays. Andfjord Salmon has implemented all measures recommended by the FHI (The Norwegian Institute of Public Health) and the authorities. All our employees follow these routines. Like many others, we run extensive home office use wherever practicable. This is a very serious situation for the Norwegian society. Andfjord Salmon takes all the measures needed.

Andfjord Salmon is a Norwegian company established in 2014. The company is listed at Oslo Stock Exchange (ANDF), and located at Kvalnes on the northernmost island of Andøya in Vesteraalen, Norway.