Invitation to Innovative Andøy and presentation of Andfjord Salmon

Andøy municipality invites you to an opportunity seminar at Oslo Concert Hall on Thursday, 18 November, at 09.00 - 13.00. Andfjord Salmon will present the future of salmon farming, and you'll get an inside look at innovative projects including Andøya Space and The Whale.

Andøy is one of the most exciting municipalities in the country and is experiencing very rapid development. Innovative plans and a unique location at the very north of Vesterålen have in recent months led to investments in the billions of kroner, putting North Norway solidly on the map – both nationally and internationally.

Together with Andøy municipality and Nordland county, we in Andfjord Salmon invite you to a fascinating day about the space race, innovative aquaculture, and world-class opportunities. 


Andøya Space

“A new Norwegian space adventure” - managing director Ketil Olsen, Andøya Space

“Opportunities for Norwegian space activities” - managing director Christian Hauglie-Hanssen, Norwegian Space Agency

The Whale

“A world-class attraction” - CEO Børre Berglund, The Whale

“Putting Norway on the map" - director of tourism Bente B. Holm, Innovation Norway

Andfjord Salmon - 69 degrees north

“Perfect for sustainable and fish-friendly land-based fish farming”- managing director Martin Rasmussen, Andfjord Salmon 

“Clear destination branding makes salmon worth its weight in Champagne” - head of agency Linda Nordheim, Maverix

Registration deadline: November 5.

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We look forward to seeing you at Oslo Concert Hall. 

Best regards, 

Tomas Norvoll, county council chairman, Nordland County

Knut Nordmo, mayor, Andøy Municipality

Andfjord Salmon is a Norwegian company established in 2014. The company is listed at Oslo Stock Exchange (ANDF), and located at Kvalnes on the northernmost island of Andøya in Vesteraalen, Norway.