Martin Rasmussen: “Andfjord is completely unique. I can't wait to get started».

The new CEO of Andfjord Salmon is starting up today, April 1st. Despite his young age, he has an extensive top management experience in the industry.

March 23rd, 2020

- It has already been done a good job so far, which I have had the pleasure of following as a board member, says 34-year-old Martin Rasmussen.

On April 1st, entrepreneur and chairman Roy Bernt Pettersen leaves the top manager job to his successor. Pettersen will devote his focus into the chairman's job, research and development, and not at least; facilitation and regulation for the next phase of the development of Andfjord Salmon. The chairman and the fresh CEO will naturally work very closely together.

- What is the first thing you focus on, Martin?

- We have recently hired alot of good and highly competent people. Now we are going to put together and streamline this new organization. Everyone should work with what they are best at. Then we should have a strict focus on the core task, to prove the concept. To prove that this is as unique as we all in Andfjord sees it to be. I am really looking forward to finally get started, ”says an enthusiastically new CEO.

Martin Rasmussen starts today, April 1st.

- Do you feel the expectations?

- I am just focused on the upcoming tasks. I know what it means to be challenged with unforeseen events. Andfjord has a good plan at the bottom. When facing challenges, we must be creative and solution-oriented, says an offensive Rasmussen.

He has previously managed Norway Seafood's plant in Melbu and was most recently head of Primex in Norway.

- What do you think is most attractive about Andfjord?

- We find the very special thing about Andfjord in our slogan: The best of two worlds. It describes the project well. We have, on one hand, the geographical location. Andfjorden is the place in Norway that is closest to the gulf stream with its optimal water. On the other hand we have the technology that distributes the water from the depth of the sea and through the pool. It is completely unique, he summarizes.

- These two factors are a very good recipe of how to produce in for the future. I am very committed to creating a future for new generations. But I'm also very concerned about the salmon welfare, says Martin

- How do you feel that the circumstances are looking at the project?

- I have the impression that people have become familiar with the concept. From being a bit critical in the beginning, I feel there is tremendous enthusiasm and faith in the project. This has to do with the challenges that have been in the industry for decades, where a future solution has now been found.

- You can divide it into two different groups. Those who see the great potential with an industrial perspective. And those who see it from a consumer perspective, where you get a healthy and lice free salmon, that want escape.

Andfjord Salmon is a Norwegian company established in 2014. The company is listed at Oslo Stock Exchange (ANDF), and located at Kvalnes on the northernmost island of Andøya in Vesteraalen, Norway.