Meet Our New Team at Andfjord

Andfjord Salmon AS has hired a team of operations technicians with hands-on experience from the salmon farming industry.

19th of August 2020:

“The project Andfjord Salmon has proved to be very attractive, and we are thrilled with the expertise we have been able to secure on Andøya”, reports Martin Rasmussen, CEO of Andfjord Salmon AS.

Although Petter Kristiansen, (22) from Sortland, Norway, is the company’s youngest employee to this date, he already has three years of experience from Nordlaks Products. He also worked at Nordlaks Farming for almost three years during week ends.

“I am highly motivated to pursue a career in the salmon farming industry. The opportunity to take part in Andfjord’s land-based project is therefore beyond exciting. Over the past years, I have spent a considerable amount of time working on the camera surveillance and feeding the fish. I am eager to continue this journey on an innovative land-based facility”, says Kristiansen.

The new Andfjord-team: Svein Hansen, Kjell Nilsen and Petter Kristiansen.

“The work with the zoning process officially began with a planning notice in February 2020. A planning program has been developed, that undergoes the environmental impact assessment. The planning program was approved by the municipal council in Andøy municipality in June 2020”, reports Helge Krøgenes, Director of Finance and Business Development.

Several field inspections will be carried out for various topics that will undergo environmental impact assessments. In the fall of 2020, the result from the studies will form the basis for the design of the facilities and its land-use utilization, in addition to further planning proposals.  

Notice the pipelines' dimensions compared to the truck. The pipeline will retrieve water from 30 meters depth. The development at Kvalnes has been proceeding at a fast pace. The zoning processes for Fiskenes and Breivik will be ready at the beginning of 2021.

The company is looking for a mix of the younger talents and the more experienced, who will together shape the future of the salmon farming industry. According to Rasmussen, the company is staffed with excellent competence when they continue into the operational phase.

Among the more experienced is Kjell Nilsen (53), who also joined Andfjord Salmon AS from Nordlaks. Nilsen has worked for Nordlaks since the 1980's and is currently employed on a service ship at Nordlaks Maritime.

Svein Hansen (57) joins the company from the position as Operation Technician at Cermaq and has former experience from companies such as Aker Seafood, Salmar and North Salmon.

“After many years in the offshore fish farming industry, I am thrilled to be joining a land-based facility. This is the future!” claims Hansen.  

The three operations officers are to be led by Chief Operations Officer Christian Torgersen, and they will begin their journey at Andfjord Salmon AS during August and September.

Andfjord Salmon is a Norwegian company established in 2014. The company is listed at Oslo Stock Exchange (ANDF), and located at Kvalnes on the northernmost island of Andøya in Vesteraalen, Norway.