"I have to pinch my arm when I see the fish farm rise"

The composite pool are soon to be shipped from Arendal to Kvalnes. The construction of Andfjord Salmon has reached another milestone.

March 23rd, 2020

Transportation of the pool panels will be taken place during night time, because the valuable cargo occupies the road. The work is going fast forward at Kvalnes. Now the process of shipping the composite panels up to the facility begins.

- The process has now gone from idea to sketch, from paperwork to realization. How to you feel about that?

- When I am at the construction site, I think it´s incredible that we have gotten it all started. I have to pinch my arm when I see the big hole in the ground. This is really going to be realized. To be a little personal, I have to admit that I am very happy and excited. The ring is about to end. I started as a fisherman in Andfjorden and now we take the sea ashore. On this long road I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience. Which now takes the form of Andfjord Salmon, says Roy Bernt Pettersen, working chairman.

He is particularly impressed with how the work and project have been managed and coordinated.

- I am very pleased with the efforts and commitment from the suppliers. The project process is very well managed. Terje Hanssen, Norconsult, and our own construction management with Rune Nilsen in lead, does a great job. Their ability to coordinate all the contractors has been crucial. The interaction between the suppliers has been a joy to follow, praises Pettersen

After working on this project for many years, it´s naturally satisfying to see that it is all taken shape.

- Now we have reached the bottom of the pool pit. There are a few adjustments left. In a few weeks, we will be able to launch the composite panels that will form the pool itself.

The HighComp pools are ready for transport. Photo: HighComp.

The first panels will arrive in a few weeks. It all gets spectacular.

- We are talking about panels of 17.5 x 5 meters. Transport becomes extensive from Risøyhamn and north to Kvalnes. The panels are broad, and we need to add up to night driving to avoid oncoming traffic. And right over Easter we will put the pools together.

- Has everything gone according to plan?

- Of course, there are small challenges in some areas, it's quite natural. This is innovation. And then there has been other areas where things have gone better than expected.

- What about the schedule?

- We are right now tuning the schedule. As everyone, we are wondering about how long the corona effect will last. But so far we are still following a schedule of fish release in late summer.

Roy is now transitioning to the role of working chairman. Martin Rasmussen takes over as top manager on April 1st.

- My role will be to work on the long-term plans. On a longer term, we will develop to 70,000 tonnes. That means we have to work on regulations, designing smolt production and investigating other possibilities. Then we must look at the recruitments and staffing strategy for the facilities. By 2030 we will have more than 300 Andfjord employees. It´s an ambitious goal, says an enthusiastic entrepreneur.

On April 1st, he leaves the CEO position to Martin.

- Martin has been a fantastic resource as a board member, and has shown us all, that he can lead large industrial growth companies. I must say I have great expectations for him. He has been given an important task to address with the first 10,000 tonnes we will produce, and then take the company into the further growth phases.