Human Resources.

Andfjord Salmons executive management and its Board of Directors are comprised of individuals with extensive experience. We all share the vision to build Norways most modern and sustainable salmon farming operation.

Roy Bernt Pettersen

CEO / chairman

Helge Krøgenes

Director, financing / business development

Christine Thomassen

Director of Fish Health

Ben Tommy Eriksen

Industrial designer

Ruben Hammer


Rune Kristian Nilsen

Head of construction

Viggo Lidahl

Manager, construction site

Per Otto Heggelund

Co founder

Martin Rasmussen

Board member

Tore Traaseth

Board member

Knut Roald Holmøy

Board member

Bettina Flatland

Board member

Olaf Gauslå

Advisory board - Finance

Morten Berg

Advisory board - Aqua culture

Lars Andre Uttakleiv

Planner, Norconsult

Terje Hanssen

Senior advisor, Norconsult


Roy Bernt Pettersen

Founder and chairman / +47 472 79 764

Helge Krøgenes
Director, financing og business development / +47 930 96 109