Andfjord is shore based in harmony with the beautiful landscape of Andøya. The facility is secured, preventing escapements and thereby protecting local wild salmon. Any bio residues are kept to a minimum in the effluent.

Andfjord Salmon's facility is built in harmony with the natural landscape, below sea level, without dominating the surroundings.

The facility is tightly secured, to prevent any harm to the local stocks of salmon in the rivers. There are several salmon rivers on Andøya, and our facility will not have any negative impact on the wild stocks.

Our goal is to reduce salmon feed waste to less than 5%. All waste will be collected and recorded. The waste from the salmon is removed by robots and filtration technologies.

The bio-residues that are collected, are delivered to our neighboring company, Andøytorv AS. They utilize the waste and feed residues in their garden products, thus returning the bio residues back to nature.

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) about Andfjord Salmon.