Synnøve: I'm as happy as can be!

Synnøve Killie Dinesen was almost finished her bachelor's thesis on land-based fish farming when she saw the vacancy at Andfjord Salmon. Just one week after her final exam she was working in her new job in Andøya and taking part in the company's very first release of smolt.

A meaningful job 

"I'm as happy as can be," says the new operator with a smile. She was once worried that it might take a long time to find the right job.

"I feel very lucky to have found my dream job so quickly," she says, telling us about her interesting and varied duties.

Together with her new colleagues, Synnøve is responsible for operating Andfjord Salmon's brand new flow-through facility at Kvalnes. 

The 20-metre deep pool contains about 1,000 tonnes of salmon and is where Synnøve is busy taking care of all of the maintenance and inspection of the technical equipment used to care for and feed the fish. In addition, she takes regular measurements of the water and monitors its quality closely.

Creating concrete results

"It feels meaningful to create concrete results and to see that the fish are thriving and growing from week to week. We even have cameras in the pool that measure both the weight and the number of fish. We can thereby follow the development day by day," she says with satisfaction.

How can she tell that the fish are thriving? She can see it in their body language! Synnøve tells us all about how the salmon swims and how it reacts to the feed. It is evident that Synnøve is growing into her role, at about the same pace as the salmon in her charge are growing.

Right now, operations in the pool have been paused while the company builds the next stage at Kvalnes.

Synnøve wants to create growth

Synnøve is keenly interested in the aquaculture industry and believes that it is necessary to develop new production methods in order to secure further growth.

"Traditional fish farming will no doubt always be important, but that part of the industry will be limited as to how big it can grow. So, we need to look for other ways in which to grow. That's where land-based farming has many advantages," says Synnøve. She goes on to mention efficient feeding and no escapes or salmon lice.

"We have solved numerous challenges with our flow-through facility here at Andøya. We collect a regular flow of clean water straight from the Gulf Stream, without using lots of resources cleaning and cooling it. That gives us a much smaller footprint, better fish health, faster growth, and a higher survival rate," she says, listing the benefits.  

Patented technology

Andfjord Salmon has developed an entirely new concept for the farming of edible fish on land. Its unique method consists of closed facilities that are built on land at sea level. Synnøve and her colleagues can thereby secure a continuous flow of oxygen-rich water straight from the Atlantic Gulf Stream – with a minimal use of energy. 

The crystal clear water flows in from a depth of 40 metres. Algae and salmon lice do not thrive at this depth, so the risk of disease is dramatically reduced. The salmon has plenty of space and patented technology creates a regular laminar flow that provides the salmon with virtually the same conditions as in the sea. 

"Andfjord Salmon is an extremely innovative company. We salvage the sludge and reuse it to produce fertiliser and biogas," Synnøve says proudly.  

"All industries impact their surroundings, but one does not need to make deeper tracks than necessary. It feels good to know that we are doing everything we can to take care of the beautiful nature around us," she says.

Synnøve Killie Dinessen has found her dream job in Andøya.

Has always loved nature

Synnøve has a close relationship to nature. Her mum and dad have always brought here and her little brother along on outdoor adventures – skiing, hiking in the mountians, and out on the water. The family are also very keen on fishing, whether by jig, net, or rod. 

"The whole family was on a camping trip here at Andøya a few years ago, so I was well aware of its natural beauty," says the Tromsø native, who is happiest when standing on a mountain peak. When she returns from Måtind, for example, she likes to make baked salmon, with lots of oil, herbs, onion, and garlic, in her new flat in Andenes. 

She then looks forward to making food that she herself has been involved in farming – from scratch.

Andfjord Salmon is a Norwegian company established in 2014. The company is listed at Oslo Stock Exchange (ANDF), and located at Kvalnes on the northernmost island of Andøya in Vesterålen, Norway.