Frequently Asked Questions.

We receive several questions about our innovative technology. Here, you will find the most relevant questions and answers. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in knowing more about Andfjord Salmon™.

What sets Andfjord apart from other farming facilities and what is a laminar flow?

What is unique about our facility is that the pools are rectangular, combined with the water flow being laminar. This means that the water flows just as fast throughout the pool at an appropriate rate, ensuring equal distribution of oxygen to the salmon. The patented intake solution has the great advantage that the water flow is not circular, as in a backwater in a river. As a result, stools do not swirl and feed in many different water layers, but naturally fall to the bottom. There, all waste is effectively removed. In short, you can say that we are recreating a completely natural and clean environment for our salmon, where the current behaves as it does in an ideal sea location in the sea. The crystal clear seawater will also contribute to easy monitoring both from the surface and with the help of underwater cameras.

How can Andfjord guarantee that the theory behind the concept will work in practice?

Andfjord Salmon has conducted a number of tests and used reputable external consultants and research environments to document that our concept works. In the first phase, the technology will be tested in a pool of 1,000 tonnes of salmon. Our management has many years of experience from both traditional and land-based farming, which in turn has resulted in Andfjord Salmon receiving a license for salmon farming. We would not have achieved this if the company had not had access to interdisciplinary expertise and experienced professionals, who have been willing to share their thoughts on the future of salmon farming.

How is the water extracted from the sea and why is the water changed as often as 15-17 times a day?

Andfjord Salmon's greatest advantage is endless access to oxygen-rich seawater. The water is collected using efficient and modern magnetic propellers, which in turn gives low energy costs. We will create a natural environment for the salmon as possible and recreate the conditions in which it usually lives in. Therefore, we continuously change the water. The flow rate then provides a total change of water every 90 minutes. The water is collected from 160 and 30 meters deep, whichever is optimal. This gives natural salmon temperatures.

How can Andfjord ensure that no hydrogen sulphide problems occur in the facility?

In land-based facilities, there have historically been challenges with the formation of hydrogen sulfide. This will not occur in our facility, where the water will need to be replaced 15-17 times a day. Hydrogen sulfide is formed under sludge. It will not occur in our facility, since we use robots that continuously clean all surfaces. Since the water will be crystal clear, monitoring will also be easier.

What does ASC certification mean?

Andfjord Salmon will work purposefully with certification of our aquaculture sites in accordance with the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) standard. ASC certified fish are produced according to strict, clearly defined criteria and an industry standard. You can read more about ASC certification here.

How can Andfjord guarantee that there will be no escape or problems with salmon lice and algae?

Andfjord has a closed system. Furthermore, we will avoid problems related to algae or salmon lice. The water intake is under the areas where photosynthesis occurs and where salmon lice and poisonous algae normally live. The technology and water intake depth thus minimize the problems normally associated with salmon lice and algae.

How does Andfjord ensure high salmon welfare?

We aim to recreate the environment in the ocean. In our pools there is very good room for the fish. Unlike salmon farms based on recycling, the rectangular pools provide crystal clear water. We mimic the salmon's living conditions in the sea as much as possible. Feed and faeces will be handled controlled (see point on laminar flow). All bio residues naturally fall to the bottom, where it is removed and reused in nature. A feeding methodology is proposed where the salmon will have to hunt for food, which will have a positive effect on meat consistency. Andfjord salmon will get a feed of sustainable ingredients, almost as much as wild salmon eats in the sea. These living conditions are quite unique for salmon farming.

How does Andfjord ensure the lowest possible footprint on our planet?

The pools are built naturally into the shore and will not dominate the beautiful landscape of Andøya. The farming facility is a closed circuit, so that the salmon cannot escape and spawn in the wild salmon rivers. There are several salmon rivers on Andøya, and our facility will not have any negative impact on the nature around us. We expose the ocean to minimal organic emissions. The bio residues will be removed by robots and other cleansing technologies.

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