Corporate Governance.

Investor relations policy

Investor relations (IR) activities in Andfjord Salmon shall contribute to ensure that the information disclosed to participants in the financial markets provides the best possible basis for a correct valuation of the company. 

The overall target for the IR activities is to ensure that Andfjord Salmon complies with the laws and regulations that are applicable for a company listed on Merkur Market, including equal treatment of investors. The company's IR activities shall ensure that all participants in the financial markets have simultaneous access to accurate, clear, relevant and complete information about the company's performance and market position, in order to give the financial markets a precise picture of the company's financial position and other factors that may influence value creation in the company.

Correct and proper long-term assessment of the company's shares depends on consistent and credible communication, the creation of well-founded expectations within the financial community - including shareholders, analysts and potential new investors - and consistent fulfilment of any expectations the company has helped to create.

Communication with shareholders

Andfjord Salmon seeks to engage in an open and continuous dialogue with the financial markets. Information is disseminated on the company’s website, through annual and interim reports, company updates, at meetings with investors and analysts, and participation at conferences.

The IR-function in Andfjord Salmon shall ensure continuous, precise and transparent communication with the company's shareholders, investors, analysts and other stakeholders. The investor community is free to contact the company and the investor relations function will normally be the one who has regular contact with these. The investor relations function should facilitate shareholders' and other stakeholders' opportunity to provide direct input and discuss specific issues, always having due regard to the aim of ensuring equal and simultaneous information to the financial markets.

Relevant information about the company shall be published on the company's corporate website and through Oslo Børs' website

Silent period

Investor and analyst meetings will, as a main rule, not be held in the three last weeks prior to the publication of financial reports. In the same period the company shall furthermore not provide comments to the press or others regarding the company's results and prospects.