Why invest?.

The Andfjord Salmon™ equity story.

Favourable outlook for the salmon farming industry

  • Growth outlook underpinned my megatrends – population growth, increased fish consumption and trade globalisation – driving demands for animal protein and fresh food
  • Limited supply growth from sea-based farming expected to create continued supply/demand imbalance, which land-based framing can equalise

Creating the world’s most fish friendly and sustainable salmon farmer

  • Patented flow-through technology solution: 70-80% lower energy cost compared to RAS system, ref SINTEF
  • Pools below sea level, without need to lift, add oxygen or manipulate the temperature of water, thereby reducing energy costs significantly
  • Optimal ocean temperatures year-round, which results in better growth and healthier fish
  • No sea lice, algae or escapes
  • Laminar water flow creates fresh supply of ocean water
  • Innovative cleaning system avoids polluting marine life
  • Reduced fish waste, which will subsequently be used as a profitable resource

Location with unique access to pristine, fresh seawater

  • Located at the salmon’s natural habitat, Andøya
  • Access to fresh seawater from the Gulf Stream year-round
  • Stable water temperature gives reduced farming time, which in turns allows for higher utilisation of production capacity and reduces costs
  • Seawater unaffected by other salmon farms which reduces risk of infections 

Low capex and opex

  • By combining natural advantages with simplicity in terms of technology, biological risk is reduced and expensive and complicated equipment not required 
  • Opex of NOK 34 per kilogram salmon produced
  • Capex of NOK 60 kroner per kilogram of salmon at 10,000 tonnes MAB 

Positioned to achieve premium pricing, through:

  • High quality feed
  • Sustainable farming
  • Consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for sustainably grown, health-beneficial products

Strong expansion potential

  • License for 10,000 tonnes MAB
  • Potential for up to 70,000 tonnes MAB through secured rights to adjacent land areas