Andfjord Salmon™ brings salmon farming into the future by combining the best of ocean net-pen and land-based farming. This patented technology is based on a flow-through system requiring low energy and operating costs, coupled with minimal environmental impact.

Benefits of ocean net-pen salmon farming:

Optimum ocean temperature

Andfjord Salmon™ is located on the eastern shores of Andøya, the northern most island of the Norwegian Arctic Archipelago of Lofoten - Vesterålen. The eastern shores of Andøya is part of Andfjorden which provides sub-surface optimum temperatures for salmon farming in the Arctic. To achieve optimum temperatures, Andfjord Salmon™ brings seawater from 160 meters in the winter and 30 meters in the summer. These two inlets provide stable temperatures of 7 to 12 degrees Celsius year-round allowing for unique and optimal growth conditions for Atlantic salmon in the Norwegian Arctic.

Clean and oxygen-rich seawater

Andfjord Salmon’s location benefits from a deep-water vein of the warm Gulf Stream on the east coast of Andøya. This tempert vein provides oxygen-rich Arctic seawater. To benefit from this unique natural condition, Andfjord brings an innovative and energy efficient concept that will ensure optimum seawater flow for salmon farmed in the shore-based tanks.

69 degrees north

Andfjord Salmon™ is located in the village of Kvalnes on Andøya. The distance from Andfjord’s facility to the nearest net-pen farm is more than 20 kilometers. Andfjord’s location at latitude 69 Degrees and well within the Arctic, ensures a safe and unique environment for salmon farming.

Benefits of shore-based salmon farming:

Avoids problems with salmon lice and poisonous algae

Andfjord Salmon™ sources seawater from water depths below the level where salmon lice and poisonous algae normally lives.

Escape prevention

Andfjord Salmon’s facility is adequately secured to prevent salmon escapement. The physical barriers are sufficiently robust and in accordance with Norwegian regulations to avert any loss of biomass that would negatively affect financial results.

Reduced feed waste

Andfjord Salmon's unique land-based farm design reduces salmon mortalities, feed costs and increases productivity. Feed and fish waste are collected and recorded. These bio-residues will be collected and registered, and reused as fertilizer products.

Innovative concept

Andfjord Salmon™ has received international recognition for its innovative shore-based farming concept. Its unique design ensures access to clean Arctic seawater of optimum farming temperatures year around. The low fish density in the large grow-out tanks provides the best fish welfare and optimum growth.

Andfjord Salmon’s vision is to create a future-oriented facility that enhances sustainable salmon farming in the Norwegian Arctic. This vision is supported by the availability of the purest seawater to produce the highest quality salmon that the consumers seek.

Andfjord Salmon™ is a land-based facility located in the intertidal zone. The facility is entirely flow-through bringing a continuous flow of seawater for the salmon. This flow-through production method is totally different from traditional land-based operations which rely on recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) that reuse in excess of 99% of the water.

Andfjord Salmon’s crystal clear seawater enhances fish monitoring for the staff as well as the use of underwater cameras. The same clear Arctic seawater also ensures that the salmon thrive, are healthy and nutritious.

Combining these attributes produce a premium salmon without off-flavors and with a taste that matches the best wild Arctic salmon. It is this unique salmon that culinary experts crave.

Unique location

Andfjord Salmon's facility is located on beautiful Andøy, the northernmost island of the Arctic Archipelago of Lofoten, Vesterålen.  The construction of the first pool to produce 1,000 MT annually commenced this past June. The patented prototype provides robust barriers to limit any escapements. The salmon will thrive in an environment free of lice and poisonous algae. The pool effluent is cleaned sufficiently to minimize any negative exposure to marine life from pollutants or other undesirable substances. At the same time Andfjord’s design focuses on minimizing energy costs. Reaching this goal will provide the most sustainable salmon of the highest standards and recognitions.

In pursuit of this goal Andfjord Salmon™ has collaborated and conducted computer simulations with support of most reputable external experts in the salmon industy. These experts have corroborated Andfjord Salmon’s design for its low capital (CapEx), low operating costs (OpEx), minimal energy consumption, extreme low risk of escapements, reduced mortality and optimal fish welfare.

The bio waste is collected and recorded. There are very low negative emissions from the facility. This achievement will make the company sustainable with the lowest possible environmental footprint, which in turn will make Andfjord Salmon very cost competitive without challenging the pristine Arctic environment.

Andfjord Salmon’s founders’ have several decades of experience in both traditional ocean net-pen and land-based salmon farming. This experience proved significant when Andfjord Salmon™ last year was granted a government concession to farm 10,000 MT of salmon. This grant also was the result of collaboration with many interdisciplinary professionals, who graciously shared their knowledge for the future of successful salmon farming in the Arctic.

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