Corporate governance.

Andfjord Salmon's vision is to lead the blue revolution. We have the highest focus on salmon welfare, healthy food for the market and the lowest possible footprint and energy consumption.


Our employees are required to conduct the business and always act in accordance with the company's ethical guidelines. These ethical guidelines describe expectations for our employees, but also for our business partners.

Supplier requirements

Our vision is to write aquaculture history in the field of sustainable production. Our suppliers are required to document that they are actively working to reduce the effects of their operations on the external environment.

Quality requirements

We produce premium food and are commited to ensuring high quality in all parts of the company's production. The company therefore prefers to trade with suppliers that have established known quality management systems.

Trust and governance

Andfjord will practise an open and trustworthy corporate governance. We will establish professional systems of accountability, oversight and control within the company. The shareholder is a very important stakeholder for us, to succeed with our great ambitions.