Andfjord Salmon's vision is to lead the blue revolution. We have the highest focus on salmon welfare, healthy food for the market and the lowest possible footprint and energy consumption.

Salmon welfare

A salmon that thrives, is a salmon that grows. At Andfjord, the salmon will have the very best growing conditions. Crystal clear and nutritious seawater is very important. Very low density in the tanks is another benefit.

Nutritious food

The world needs more food. We also need healthier food. Andfjord Salmon is premium Atlantic farmed salmon that is very nutritious, perfect texture and superior taste.


Andfjord is shore based in harmony with the beautiful landscape of Andøya. The facility is secured, preventing escapements and thereby protecting local wild salmon. Any bio residues are kept to a minimum in the effluent.


The Andfjord method has lower energy consumption than most land-based farms per kilo of salmon. Solar panels and wind turbins will supply us with all the power our facility need.