Nutritious Food.

The world needs more food. We also need healthier food. Andfjord Salmon is premium Atlantic farmed salmon that is very nutritious, perfect texture and superior taste.

Our land-based facility provides similar growing conditions that salmon experience in the ocean.

Andfjord Salmon is fed a certified diet of the highest quality. The salmon will need to chase the feed in the stream. This results in a healthy salmon with the right condition, and flesh texture. We collect the water from the deep part of the fjord. It is oxygenrich and crystal clear. One of our greatest advantage is precisely the cold and clear Arctic water. In the winter we get it at a depth of 160 meters. In the summer the intake is at 30 meters. These two intakes provide an optimal water temperature for our salmon.

We work with the country's leading water quality experts. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions about water quality.