Social Awareness.

Andfjord Salmon's vision is to lead the blue revolution. We have the highest focus on salmon welfare, healthy food for the market and the lowest possible footprint and energy consumption.


Andfjord Salmon manages a renewable resource, and we produce a very important commodity for the world. This entails a responsibility that we take most seriously. We create great values and impact across the country. Andfjord defines these investments in a very broad perspective, beyond the company's own financial results.

Research and innovation

Andfjord Salmon aim to create great values for the region we are a part of. We will contribute strongly to innovation, research and competence enhancement in a broad perspective. Research research and development is a key part of Andfjord Salmon's innovative power and will have the highest priority.


We have an open and transparent communication policy. We recognize that we are managing a common resource, which in turn indicates that transparency and openness are a necessity. Open dialogue and collaboration with all stakeholders, will ensure the best possible result of our projects.


In Andfjord Salmon, health and safety of our employees and suppliers, is the highest priority, everywhere and in all our activities. The goal is zero work-related injuries. To achieve this goal, we work systematically to establish an open safety culture.